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Pre- order Product review : Lord of the Rings Statue The Black Gate of Mordor 15 cm

30 Jul 2023
by Nico Volckeryck

Within the depths of Mordor, beneath the shadow of Mount Doom, the formidable symbol of Sauron's power towers:

The Black Gate of Mordor. Today, we cast a glance towards an anticipated addition to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien replicas: the 15 cm "Lord of the Rings Statue The Black Gate of Mordor" by WETA WORKSHOP, expected in May 2025.

Although the precise details of this product remain shrouded in mystery, we can infer a few predictions based on WETA WORKSHOP's proven track record. If their past work is any indication, we anticipate this piece to feature an unparalleled level of detail.

The gate itself, ominous and menacing, will undoubtedly stand as a testament to skilled craftsmanship. One can imagine each piece of stone, every angle of the metal, and every threatening spike meticulously replicated with respect for the original designs from Peter Jackson's astounding film trilogy.

WETA WORKSHOP's replicas always exhibit strikingly accurate colour schemes, and we have no reason to believe this piece will be any different. The deep black and rusted brown tones of the gate will surely evoke an atmosphere of darkness and dread that brings Mordor to life.

WETA WORKSHOP's replicas are never mere imitations - they feel like genuine windows into the enchanting worlds they represent. This miniature Black Gate will be no exception, and is sure to ignite anticipation in every 'Lord of the Rings' fan as they await the release date.

For anyone passionate about 'Lord of the Rings', this upcoming release of the Black Gate of Mordor will unquestionably be a must-have. WETA WORKSHOP's commitment to quality and detail turns their products into rare pieces of art, and we have no reason to suspect this piece will deviate from that standard.

If you yearn to be a part of the epic saga of Middle-earth, keep your eyes open for further updates on this exciting new product. The release of the Black Gate of Mordor in May 2025 promises to be a new way to experience the magic and mystery of J.R.R. Tolkien's unforgettable world. Adventure awaits you.

Expected May 2025 - pre-order now on our webshop.

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