Rick and Morty Portal Gun Compact Umbrella

Auto Opening Portal Canopy
3D Molded Handle Mimicing Rick'S Portal Gun
Functioning Portal Gun Button
Umbrella Canopy Size: 36"
Artikelnummer: UM6NB0RIC
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad (10)

Portal Gun To A Dryer Dimension

It's about to rain, you can tell. You look up at the sky and see the dark clouds, the gloom. And just as you feel the first few drops fall, you remember you don't have to get all soggy, because you can open your own portal to a rain-free place with your Rick and Morty Portal Gun Compact Umbrella! This portal gun is not quite as powerful as Rick's—with this one, you can't really step through it into another dimension. You can, however, protect a 42-inch wide circle from all that precipitation now falling all around you! And, really, isn't that just as good? We think so!

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