pre order: Strange Cat Family: Unicat - Rainbow Ice Cream 15 cm Vinyl Figure

Unicat vynil figure.
Pre-order: 08-10-2019
Available 2020 Q1
Artikelnummer: SOAPZS001
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad

Pre-order: 08-10-2019
Available 2020 Q1

Strange Cat was founded in 2018 by a Chinese famous artist, Guan Chun who took her inspiration from a cat. The Strange Cat Family with over 12 members are created by combining the characteristics of other animals or mythological creatures and cats. They are Unicat, Catmaide, Skull Cat, Major Cat, Zen Cat, Yeti Cat, Catterfly, Zebra Cat, Owl Cat, Paper Bag Cat, Little BnW Cat and Cat Guru.

This 15 cm-tall vinyl-made Unicat, combining the features of unicorn and cats, has white long fur with a rainbow tail and a yellow unicorn showing its elegance. While the blue sharp eyes indicating its capricious attribute. Tell you a secret, Unicat has superpower of making rainbows and rainbow ice-cream.

Weight :
600 gram

Package Dimensions :
13cm x 23cm x 20cm (LxWxH )

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