I was asked to write a blog, and a blog, I shall write!

I was asked to write a blog, and a blog, I shall write!

After firing up on some extra caffeinated coffee, and having a brainstorm / existential crisis on what to write the blog about, I figured I might as well write a small review of a little game called
“ The Witcher 3”.

So, for those of you not familiar, a Witcher can be seen as a mutated human-like Demon Hunter.
The Witcher 3 is the series ending for our favorite “metrosexual fruitcake”, as the internet has defined him ever so often, Geralt of Rivia.
In this chapter, based on the books of Andrzej Sapkowski, his adopted daughter gets kidnapped by a bunch of really bad-ass looking guys, called the Wild Hunt. These guys run through ice and portals, and end up being rather difficult to fight.

Ofcourse, our favorite person does not have to fight them alone. He gets some help from old and new friends, and ofcourse , there is no way the romance should miss out on this story.
But, to find out about that, I recommend you playing the actual game, since you can totally choose who you end up with. Well, between certain characters anyway.

About the game, and the gameplay itself, when I first installed, I used an out-of-date laptop, which turned out to be able to run it on the lowest of settings with a little bit of lag. Since the lag got me rather irritated after 20 minutes, this game actually made me buy a high end gaming laptop. Weird.

So, on the 2nd attempt, now with suitable rig and ultra settings, I could not quite believe my eyes.
Was this an augmented reality, or were the graphics just that good?
I started the game, rushed through it, found myself unsatisfied that it ended, so I rushed through the DLC's (Which, unlike EA's “DLC”, could as well have been 2 complete new games ), and I fell in love with the lovely place “Toussaint”.

After ending this, I still wasn't satisfied, though. So I started the “New Game+”, which starts you over again, with what you've already achieved.
Yes, I hear you thinking, the monsters would be super-easy by now!
The automatic-level of the monsters adapt to your level.
So, in the end yes, I could not help myself, and I started a 3rd, yes, an actual 3rd playthrough of the game, while having 7 or 8 unplayed games still in my library.

What can I say?
The fantasy world of The Witcher, combined with the wholesome story, and good graphics, make this a wonderful game, in which it's awesome to get lost.
For the meme-geeks out there, it's a solid 5/7.
For those who do not get the joke, I haven't played a game that felt better, and made me wonder what else to do with my life more than this, so I would rate this a 10/10.

Hope you enjoyed this, and see you at my next review!



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